10 Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas for Orthodontists

10 Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas for Orthodontists

The last time I checked, there isn’t a single school of medicine, dentistry, or orthodontia that offers courses in marketing. Which, is really a shame because it takes more than good bedside manner to market your practice so that it can sustain the growth it needs to survive.

That’s why a great office manager can make or break any office – and these 10 easy and effective marketing ideas for orthodontists are to help make your day as manager that much easier.

Our top 10 easy and effective marketing ideas for orthodontists:

  1. Build a cohesive brand image
  2. Create a comfortable office ambiance
  3. Promote team uniformity through uniforms and training
  4. Schedule patient appreciation days
  5. Celebrate patient and staff birthdays
  6. Offer patient rewards to encourage compliance
  7. Offer patient or community awards to build name brand (practice) recognition
  8. Use Social Media to reach out to your community and patients
  9. Maintain a clean, interactive website as a place to educate and inform patients and prospects
  10. Hold patient referral contests

Thankfully, these marketing ideas are easy to implement – even as an orthodontist practice.

Building a cohesive brand image can be as simple as creating a simple logo or sign to hang outside of your office – and then making sure it’s also visible inside of your office. If you want to take it a step further, choose colors to represent your practice. Then, use those colors to decorate your office inside and out. Doing that while creating a comfortable office ambiance will make sure that your office is remembered as a comfortable and safe place.

Making sure that your team looks like a team will build a greater unity and camaraderie. Plus, you can use uniforms to help your patients and families differentiate between the front and back staff.

Patient appreciation days, birthdays, and other holidays are a great way to build your practice into a valued part of the community. People love to celebrate traditions, so building your own is key to making sure that your office is remembered and frequented. Awards, rewards, and referral are a great way to reinforce those ideas.

And social media is becoming the fastest, easiest, and best way to interact with not only your immediate community, but also surrounding communities. After all, there may be people in the next city over who are looking for your office. Make sure that you’re available for people to find with both social media and an up-to-date website.

When you build on these marketing ideas, your practice is going to see the success and growth that you dreamed of. Since medical schools still don’t offer marketing classes, a great office manager will see and implement these vital steps to guarantee practice success.

Want more great ideas for your office’s marketing portfolio? Be sure to keep reading here. Or if you’ve got specific questions, feel free to contact us to chat with one of our specialists.

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