3 Occasions your Practice should Always Celebrate

3 Occasions your Practice should Always Celebrate

People love a good party. But that’s not the only reason to throw a shindig at your practice. Actually, there’s a lot of psychology behind celebrating occasions and having traditions at your business. It’s part of turning your practice or office into a community – a place where your patients and families will love to go and recommend to others.

That’s why your practice should always celebrate these three types of occasions.

Always celebrate big events

By big events, we mean holidays, community events, and anything else that makes your area unique. For example, if you travel through Utah on July 24th, they’ve got their own holiday celebrating the pioneers that settled the area. Why not join in on the celebration?

With the holiday season upon us, make your practice part of the festivities. Decorate the office for the season. The decorations can be as generic or religiously/culturally-driven as you want them to be. After all, you’re celebrating *with* your community!

Commemorate anniversaries

Another important occasion to celebrate is anniversaries. By anniversary, we mean practice-related anniversaries. You could celebrate your doctor’s graduation day, the day that the practice first opened, or even the day that your first patient’s hardware was removed – and you got to see the finished results.

You can celebrate as many (or as few) as you deem appropriate. But celebrate at least one – and let your community celebrate with you with ads, coupons, or an open house.

Remember birthdays

Finally, always remember to celebrate the birthdays of your patients. Maybe you combine everyone’s birthday into one and just do it on one day. Or maybe you make a YouTube video so that, on a patient’s birthday, you can email them a link to wish them a happy day.

Of course, a post card in the mail is always a great way to celebrate birthdays, too!

As your practice continues to build traditions and celebrate big events and birthdays, your community will see your office as an integral part of their lives. It will also reinforce your place as an authority in your field in their minds. Oh, and it’ll show people that your office is the place to be. And since nobody likes to miss the best parties, the referrals will come to you. Now that’s the way to do it!

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