3 of the Best Orthodontist Marketing Awards Ever

3 of the Best Orthodontist Marketing Awards Ever

If you’ve got kids (or know someone who does), then you know what bedtime is like. It involves screaming, crying, refusals, and tantrums. And it doesn’t matter how old the kid gets, it’s still pretty much the same. Why do we bring that up? Well, there’s something that goes on at bedtime that’s crucial to that child’s dental health: that’s when kids brush their teeth!

And, let’s face it. There are some nights when kids fight too much and too hard – and the tooth brushing gets skipped. For an 11 month old with only two teeth, that may not be a huge deal. But for a 13 year old with braces, it’s a lot bigger deal. So to help your patients (and their parents) make bedtime a whole lot more pleasant, let’s chat about 3 of the best orthodontist marketing awards ever.

The 3 best orthodontist marketing awards for kids and teens:

#1. Sticker charts

Kids of all ages love sticker charts! Okay, so older teenagers might be fine with just crossing the day off of the calendar. But there’s something immensely satisfying about filling up a calendar so that the patient and their parents can see what kind of progress they’re making with their orthodontic care – or brushing their teeth every day.

#2. In-office awards

We’ve seen kids who are absolutely terrified of dentists and orthodontists. They’ll freeze up during the exam or adjustment. But once the visit is over and there’s a chance to visit the in-office awards bucket or prize machine, they’re all smiles.

#3. High-fives all around

Last but not least, there’s something amazingly powerful about being recognized for a job well done. Kids love to hear when they’ve done something good – so don’t be afraid to tell them! Let them know that you appreciate how hard they’ve been working to keep their braces clean or to wear that socially-hated headgear at school. That little bit of gratitude will go a long way towards reinforcing great behavior and continued compliance.

Sure, some of these awards cost money. But most of them only take an extra two seconds of your day to tell your patients just what a great job they’re doing. But that extra two seconds of your time is going to make bedtime a whole lot smoother for kids and their parents. So really, those extra two seconds will make both your patients – and their parents – smile like a million bucks.

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