3 Ways to use Social Media in your Practice

3 Ways to use Social Media in your Practice

Social media is more than just a great place to connect with friends and family; it’s also a great place to connect with clients, businesses, and more. It’s also where your patients – and their parents – are hanging out. Because it’s the cool place to be, why not use social media in your practice?

Use social media in your practice to teach your patients (and parents!)

Let’s face it: the odds are that most patients will forget some or all of the instructions they’re given. Wouldn’t it be great if they had helpful reminders through the week? Why not use social media to give them that reminder or refresher course?

Parents will love the idea that their kids can be gently and professionally reminded how to take care of their orthodontics, their teeth, their hygiene, or just get some cool tooth facts. They’ll appreciate that you care, and they’ll love that they don’t have to nag their kids!

Using social media, you can also prepare your patients for the next steps in their care: that way, they know what’s coming and are ready for it.

Use social media to teach and reach your community

The great thing about social media is how flexible it can be. Not only can you use it to directly connect with patients, but you can also use it to reach your community! Your community can be as large, or small, as you want it to be: it doesn’t have to be defined geographically.

Use social media to teach local dentists about your office protocols or to outreach to other local specialists. You could also use it as a way to teach dental hygiene to local schools or community centers. Social media can help you network and reach new populations much faster than other marketing methods can.

Monitor trends – or start one of your own

Trends, or hashtags, can be followed, used, or created. Is there a hashtag you can already use for your practice? Perhaps #SmileMore is the right tag for you. Maybe you need to create your own campaign and hashtag handle. The great thing is that, because social media is so flexible, is that you can create your own hashtag. Once you’ve chosen your trend, you can easily monitor it for any changes or posts.

How do you use social media?

More importantly, how will you use it in the future? What plans do you have to take your practice into the digital social scene? We’d love to hear your plans.

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