3 ways your orthodontic practice should be using video marketing

3 ways your orthodontic practice should be using video marketing

Video marketing is one of our favorite techniques for a couple of reasons. First, it puts a face to your brand name. It humanizes your practice so that you’re not another unknown – you’re the kind doctor and staff from that one video!

Another reason it’s great is that some people are visual learners. They need the visual reinforcement that video marketing can give them. Rather than focusing on the countless other reasons that video marketing is great for your orthodontic practice, though, let’s focus on some specific ways you can implement it today.

1. Use pre-recorded videos to celebrate special occasions

One of the cutest things we’ve seen is when clinics or practices use pre-recorded videos to celebrate special occasions with their patients. It’s your patient’s birthday? Great! Send out an email with the link to the “Happy birthday!” video where your staff is singing happy birthday while holding balloons in front of a huge sign.

A birthday video is a great place to start, but it doesn’t have to end there. Why not make videos to celebrate “Happy you got your braces off!” day and “Happy you don’t have to wear that retainer anymore!” day?

2. Teach proper hygiene or dental practices

Another video that would be easy to make today is one that teaches your patients (and their families) how to perform proper dental care and hygiene. Not only can you reinforce good habits, but you can make sure that they see *how* to do it, too.

Plus, parents will love being able to point to the computer (and your video!) instead of having to nag.

3. Introduce your orthodontic practice with video marketing

Finally, make a video that introduces your orthodontic practice to the community. Here’s a few ways you can introduce your practice:

  • Take a video camera through the practice, giving a video tour of your office and facilities.
  • Make a video about some of the tools that your practice uses – to take the scare out of an upcoming visit.
  • Introduce the staff and the doctors so that patients (and families) feel more at ease before that first visit.

The great thing about video marketing is how absolutely versatile it can be! And with the availability of great cameras to almost everyone (it’s on their phone!), taking video has never been easier or more affordable. You may want to invest in a selfie stick or tripod to get steadier shots, but those cost next to nothing.

All in all, video marketing is a huge resource that your practice should tap into.

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