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Regina Munroe – Founder

About Inproma

Our mission is to increase productivity in the workplace. We make your business successful by increasing employee motivation and customer satisfaction through incentivizing, recognizing, and rewarding your valued employees and customers. Our specialists provide you relevant, custom recommendations with valued, coveted products.

These incentives will revitalize your brand, build trust among employees and customers, and drive your brand’s value to unexpected heights. We do this by making sure that your customized, branded products are seen as a badge of honor by all who see them. Let us help instill that sense of pride in your employees and clients who earn your amazing, branded rewards.


Inproma, LLC was founded in 1997 by Regina Munroe when she realized her true passion was in entrepreneurial business. While Inproma started with embroidered logos on apparel for friends and family, its clientele soon expanded to include small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

By combining Regina’s natural talents with skills learned from studies related to her Master’s degree in Chemistry, both she and Inproma were quickly recognized as leaders in the promotional products industry.

Regina Munroe credits these accomplishments on her ability to listen to clients, create custom art, and by constantly improving. Thanks to her work and dedication, Inproma is known for its ability to produce both large and small orders in-house while offering a “Supply on Demand” Uniform and Incentive program to its clientele.

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