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Go Above and Beyond: Offering Back to School Photos

What if there were yet another way to delight your patients, their parents, and get in some great, positive word-of-mouth marketing? Oh, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. With school back in full swing, picture day is on everyone’s minds. Here are a few ways to put back to school photos and Picture Day to work for your practice. Take Back-to-School Photos of Your Patients The great part about taking photos in your office is that they can be taken solo, in groups with friends, or even with their parents. The parents will love that last option! Just be sure to let them know that Picture Day is an option before they show up for the appointment. We’re sure they’ll want to look great. Your practice doesn’t need to invest in any special equipment, either. Just use a digital camera or a phone to snap a pic. Most phones take better pictures than dedicated cameras do, anyway. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can print the picture. Most families will be just as excited about getting a digital copy via email. Add Fun Designs or Instructions There are lots of free or low-cost photo enhancement programs out there. It would be easy to use one of these to spiff up the photos before you email them to your patients and their families. Whether that means using the programs to turn your patients into superheroes (or villains, we don’t judge!), to photoshop the family into a tropical paradise, or to add some orthodontic-related reminders on the bottom, the choices are limitless. If you do want to add dental instructions to... read more

Support Your Schools and Families with a Back to School Extravaganza

Schools and stores have a back to school extravaganza every year; why not you, too? Supporting patients, and their families, as they go back to school, is a great way to continue to earn their trust and support. Here are a few easy ways to show your community that you support them as they’re headed into a new school year. Support Your Community with a School Supply Drive for Families There are always families who could use extra support or school supplies at the beginning of a school year. Why not encourage your families and employees to donate, too? You could set up a donation bin right inside of your office. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even set up a school supply swap box. Patient families will love being able to swap extra supplies for other basics that they need. Support Your Schools with Donated School Supplies It’s not just families that can use some extra help with school supply donations. Every year, teachers spend money, out of their own paychecks, to properly stock their classrooms. If sponsoring a family (or several families) doesn’t resonate with your practice, what about sponsoring a drive to support a whole classroom? Not only will the class appreciate the donations, but so will the teachers! The great part about this idea is that it can be done year-round. So if you really want to support your schools, you could set up a donation bin for families at the start of the year and support a whole classroom throughout the year. That’s some serious community caring. Show Your Patients You... read more

Supporting Your Patients (and parents!) as They Go Back to School

It’s back to school season, and going back to school is more than just about adjusting your life to being in school and homework mode. It’s a complete schedule shift for families, so it’s an easy time to lose track of important things like orthodontist appointments. But don’t worry: there are some easy ways to make sure that families can make the transition more smoothly while making sure that you’re able to keep their focus on compliance! Offer Flexible Scheduling or Appointment Swaps What if your office offered extra flexible scheduling during the back to school transition? Think about how much easier extended hours or wider appointment time ranges could make life easier for families. If these aren’t realistic options for your practice, then what about setting up a Back to School Buddy Scheduling System? Let kids (or their parents) set appointments that line up with their friends. That way, they can encourage each other to remember their appointments. Offer School-Based Incentives to Keep Good Habits Going Strong Another option to capture families’ attention during this transitional time is to offer extra incentives. Offering school related incentives, like composition books or folders, is a great way to help support kids and their parents prepare for school while supporting their healthy dental habits. The kids will love it if you’ve got several different designs to choose from, too! Offer Extra Reminders Many families may love having extra reminders during the first month or two of school. Those extra reminders can come in the form of: Business card sized magnets with educational reminders (great for hanging in a locker!). Text message... read more

4 Ways to Build Rapport with Patients – and Parents!

We’re always amazed at how teachers are able to confidently juggle the names, likes, and achievements of twenty or more students each year. Likewise, we’re amazed when clinic staff greet us by name, let alone ask us how things are going! Building rapport with patients is more than earning their trust; it’s putting a face to your clinic. It’s helping them better relate, understand what they need to do, and increasing your patient satisfaction levels without compromising patient safety. Here are 4 ways to build that trust with your patients – and their parents! 1. Be available for questions Kids (and parents) appreciate it when they get honest answers to their questions. Unfortunately, they don’t always remember those questions when they’re at the clinic! Thankfully, there’s some amazing technology available to keep those lines of communication open! We’ve seen clinics have amazing success when they: Keep a list of FAQs on their website Give staff work phones – so that patients can text in questions and get knowledgeable responses. Respond to questions posted on social media. 2. Listen to your community Every community has different needs and goals. By being involved, you’ll not only know what your community needs, but be seen for your caring commitment to your neighbors. There may be different community park, health improvement, historical, or other projects being sponsored by city hall or a local charity organization. It may even be worth getting involved in a couple of projects with different councils. 3. Take and keep notes Sometimes, special events or moments will just pop up. If you’re aware of them, these can be great moments to build rapport... read more

Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

It seems like there’s a new social media platform popping up pretty regularly! Does that mean that your practice needs to be scrambling to be on each and every new platform? Well, if there’s an overachiever in your office, go for it! If you’re already struggling to keep your existing social media accounts straight, though, it may be time to narrow your focus. Which social media platforms are you already on? Are you on any of the “Big 3” platforms? (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) Have you set up accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or Stumbleupon? Which ones are you regularly using? If you aren’t regularly using them, now may be a good time to update them or delete them. Where do your patients (and their parents) hang out online? If your patients are hanging out on SnapChat or Instagram, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to stick to using Pinterest – they won’t be seeing your educational posts or your messages. You have to go to them – so that they’ll come to you. Facebook Are you on Facebook? With how many millions of people are already on Facebook, it only makes sense to have a business page up and going. Facebook tends to be more popular among the parents, but there are still an awful lot of kids who have Facebook accounts. Twitter With its abbreviations and hashtags, Twitter is its own language and universe. It’s more popular among the younger crowds who fluently speak internet text and memes. Instagram Instagram tends to be popular for both kids and parents, with how easy it is to... read more

Community Events: 3 ways to combine education and outreach!

While every town is different, we’d bet that there’s still some kind of community events calendar in your area! Making use of local events is a great way to not only reach out to your patients and their parents, but also to provide some much-needed education. Here are three different ways you can get involved in your community while providing education, too. 1. Use Community Events and Health Fairs for Education Many communities regularly sponsor safety, health, or hygiene fairs to better educate their citizens. Participating in these kinds of health fairs is a great way to not only be seen, but also to provide vital dental health and orthodontics-related information to your community. Educational brochures, flyers, and freebies always go great together at these kinds of events! 2. Reach Out to Local Schools In some communities, elementary schools are happy to host educational assemblies in classrooms or school-wide. Kids love special educational assemblies, especially when they’re entertaining. Giving out prizes for right answers to dental hygiene questions is another great way to encourage participation and reinforce what they’re being taught. 3. Be Involved in Local Service Projects Finally, local service projects can be a great way to build rapport with your community and provide support or education. Some service projects won’t require education, simply support. These ones are still fantastic as they show your commitment to the community. Others, though, like putting together hygiene packets for the less fortunate or disaster relief victims, are a great way to reinforce dental hygiene to everyone involved. There we have it: three ways to be involved in your community through events and education. Has your office... read more

3 Ways to use Social Media in your Practice

Social media is more than just a great place to connect with friends and family; it’s also a great place to connect with clients, businesses, and more. It’s also where your patients – and their parents – are hanging out. Because it’s the cool place to be, why not use social media in your practice? Use social media in your practice to teach your patients (and parents!) Let’s face it: the odds are that most patients will forget some or all of the instructions they’re given. Wouldn’t it be great if they had helpful reminders through the week? Why not use social media to give them that reminder or refresher course? Parents will love the idea that their kids can be gently and professionally reminded how to take care of their orthodontics, their teeth, their hygiene, or just get some cool tooth facts. They’ll appreciate that you care, and they’ll love that they don’t have to nag their kids! Using social media, you can also prepare your patients for the next steps in their care: that way, they know what’s coming and are ready for it. Use social media to teach and reach your community The great thing about social media is how flexible it can be. Not only can you use it to directly connect with patients, but you can also use it to reach your community! Your community can be as large, or small, as you want it to be: it doesn’t have to be defined geographically. Use social media to teach local dentists about your office protocols or to outreach to other local specialists. You could also use... read more

Put a Smile on their Face: 4 Steps to Keeping Patients Excited (and Parents, too!)

Working with kids comes with a wide range of emotions. There’s nothing better, though, than that feeling of satisfaction when you see your patient truly smile, sometimes for the first time. In order to get to that smile, though, there’s a lot of time, commitment, and baby steps along the way. Keeping patients excited (and their parents) and compliant can be a chore, but it’s worth it in the end. Here’s 4 Ways for Keeping Patients Excited: Teach your patients only small bits of information at a time. You don’t want to overload the kids – or their parents. When you’re done teaching them, give them the written instructions, but make it fun. Why not print it on a frisbee? (hey, if it won’t fit on a frisbee, it may be too much information at once anyway!) Let your patients, or their parents, set the learning curve. Having a token-based incentive program, where the kids can choose from a variety of easily visible and highly coveted prizes, may be the best way to go. Recruit Mom and Dad to help supervise and encourage their kids at home. They may not want the frisbee, but they’ll be excited to know that family compliance means a shorter orthodontic treatment time table – and a lower bill! People love to know when they’ve done a good job: how do you let your patients and their parents know when they’re on the right track? We know you’re working hard to make that smile more visible, to make that child more confident, and to encourage life-long dental hygiene. It’s a hard job. Thanks for doing... read more

2015 American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session

Join Wired to be Awesome at the 2015 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session! Founded in 1900, the AAO is the world’s oldest and largest dental specialty organization. This event consists of educational sessions and an orthodontic practice exhibit hall with over 300 exhibits. The AAO president, Robert E. Varner, invites doctors and staff to join the session for the “unparalleled learning opportunities both in technology and practice management”. Wired to be Awesome is excited to be involved in helping your practice grow and keeping your patients happy with our award-winning incentive and rewards program. While you learn about technological innovations, clinical and scientific advances, and ways to better your orthodontic practice at the educational sessions, Wired to be Awesome will be around to help you learn how to grow your practice! We will be at the Exhibit Hall in the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center Saturday, May 16 through Tuesday, May 19 with gifts, prizes, and a raffle for a Wired to be Awesome package valued at $2,000! This year’s AAO session’s slogan is “Bridging Science and Technology”. Wired to be Awesome’s objective is “keeping patients happy”. With the help of AAO and Wired to be Awesome, you can do both! American Association of Orthodontists 115th Annual Session May 15 – May 19, 2015 San Francisco, CA Register Here Look for WTBA at the EXHIBIT HALL Moscone Convention Center Booth 2607, Wired to be Awesome 9:30am – 5:00pm Saturday, May 16 – Monday, May 18 9:30am – 1:00pm Tuesday, May 19 Dedicated hours* will be from 11:15am to 1:15pm each day *There are no conflicting educational sessions during this time... read more

Smile, Snap, and Share: A Tribute to Moms

This is a tribute to mothers and everything they do to bring us joy! Did you know that moms are the biggest producers of smiles? Whether it be her quirky humor, caring demeanor, or her dedication in getting her kids to the orthodontic office, the world has more smiles because of mothers. This Mother’s Day, Wired to be Awesome would like to recognize all of the important women in the world who inspire us to live happily. We send our biggest thank yous for filling our world with contagious laughter and smile power! Help us spread our appreciation of mothers by capturing their smiles in photos and sharing them with the world. Encourage your staff and patients at your orthodontic practice to participate. How does it work? It’s simple! Smile, Snap, and Share! SMILE Smile, laugh, and share joy with a mother you know. Get her smiling! She deserves it. SNAP Snap a picture of that joyous woman! Having a hard time getting her to take a picture? Suggest an incentive! Take a selfie with her and promise to reward her with a printed and framed photo of the two of you – a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! SHARE Share your smiling picture on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts with #smilepower #mothersday #wiredtobeawesome. Let’s fill the world with our appreciation and joy of these dedicated women! If you are posting from your orthodontic office, remember to have Mom pose with some of your promotional items from the Wired to be Awesome team! Happy Mother’s Day 2015! #smilepower #mothersday #wiredtobeawesome... read more