Smile, Snap, and Share: A Tribute to Moms

Smile, Snap, and Share: A Tribute to Moms

This is a tribute to mothers and everything they do to bring us joy! Smile, Snap, & ShareDid you know that moms are the biggest producers of smiles? Whether it be her quirky humor, caring demeanor, or her dedication in getting her kids to the orthodontic office, the world has more smiles because of mothers. This Mother’s Day, Wired to be Awesome would like to recognize all of the important women in the world who inspire us to live happily. We send our biggest thank yous for filling our world with contagious laughter and smile power!

Help us spread our appreciation of mothers by capturing their smiles in photos and sharing them with the world. Encourage your staff and patients at your orthodontic practice to participate.

How does it work? It’s simple! Smile, Snap, and Share!


Smile, laugh, and share joy with a mother you know. Get her smiling! She deserves it.

SNAPGrandmother Smiling

Snap a picture of that joyous woman! Having a hard time getting her to take a picture? Suggest an incentive! Take a selfie with her and promise to reward her with a printed and framed photo of the two of you – a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


Share your smiling picture on your FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts with #smilepower #mothersday #wiredtobeawesome. Let’s fill the world with our appreciation and joy of these dedicated women!

If you are posting from your orthodontic office, remember to have Mom pose with some of your promotional items from the Wired to be Awesome team!

Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

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