Building Community through Celebrating Birthdays!

Building Community through Celebrating Birthdays!

Now, we hope that you’re making a big deal about your patients’ birthdays. It’s a great way to build a solid relationship with them. That’s not the birthday we’re talking about today, though. We’re talking about celebrating birthdays – as in the birthday (okay, anniversary) of your practice!

Why make celebrating birthdays or anniversaries part of your practice?

There’s a few great reasons to do so: it’s a great way to mark big milestones or growth, reinforce credibility and maturity as an established practice, and to reinforce or build your brand or image. In other words, those years that you’ve been at that location? That’s something to celebrate. Having to move to a bigger location to better accomodate all of your patients? Also something to celebrate!

Here’s a few of our favorite ways to celebrate!

Send Presents

No birthday is complete without presents. Company birthdays are a great time to not only recognize employees with presents, but also a great time to send presents to your patients and their families – especially if those presents are something that gets them coming back in through your doors!

Offer a special promotion, discount, or voucher as your present

Not only does this make a great way to celebrate, it’s also a great way to generate some extra buzz and traffic as people come to celebrate with you!

Run a contest or a “Caption this!”

Winning a contest is always fun and a great way to generate some interest. One of our favorite contest options is a “Caption this!” contest. Take a photo and offer a prize to whomever can come up with the best caption. You’ll have a lot of great options to pick from, and your patients will get a kick out of trying to think up multiple entries.

Party like it’s 1999

Or whatever year your practice was established. The point is, make it fun, even if it’s just a day at work where everyone gets to wear party hats.

How do you celebrate big occasions or company milestones? We’d love to see your business birthday bash!

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