Community Events: 3 ways to combine education and outreach!

Community Events: 3 ways to combine education and outreach!

While every town is different, we’d bet that there’s still some kind of community events calendar in your area! Making use of local events is a great way to not only reach out to your patients and their parents, but also to provide some much-needed education. Here are three different ways you can get involved in your community while providing education, too.

1. Use Community Events and Health Fairs for Education

Many communities regularly sponsor safety, health, or hygiene fairs to better educate their citizens. Participating in these kinds of health fairs is a great way to not only be seen, but also to provide vital dental health and orthodontics-related information to your community. Educational brochures, flyers, and freebies always go great together at these kinds of events!

2. Reach Out to Local Schools

In some communities, elementary schools are happy to host educational assemblies in classrooms or school-wide. Kids love special educational assemblies, especially when they’re entertaining. Giving out prizes for right answers to dental hygiene questions is another great way to encourage participation and reinforce what they’re being taught.

3. Be Involved in Local Service Projects

Finally, local service projects can be a great way to build rapport with your community and provide support or education. Some service projects won’t require education, simply support. These ones are still fantastic as they show your commitment to the community. Others, though, like putting together hygiene packets for the less fortunate or disaster relief victims, are a great way to reinforce dental hygiene to everyone involved.

There we have it: three ways to be involved in your community through events and education. Has your office been involved in anything similar? What did you do and how did it go?

Comment below or on Facebook with what your office has done! We’d love to hear how it went, too.

Photo Credit: University of the Fraser Valley

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