Delight Your Patients (and Parents!) by Sponsoring a Homework Corner

Delight Your Patients (and Parents!) by Sponsoring a Homework Corner

While your patients may not mind procrastinating their homework for an appointment, their parents may! That or you may have noticed a few overachieving patients who bring their homework to appointments rather than risk falling behind.

In either case, there are two constants: your practice and their homework. Why not combine these two unlikely partners to better help your patients?

Have your Staff Tutor Patients

You’re already teaching your patients important dental hygiene and care. Why not throw in some American History or Basic Algebra for good measure? Your practice is full of knowledgable people. If each one of you offers help in even a single area (of your choosing), you’ll most likely have all of the basics – and then some! – covered. When your patients come in, let them know you, and your staff, are there to help them better understand their studies. They’ll love the homework help and you’ll have their undivided attention!

Sponsor a Dedicated in-office Tutor

As things get busier, it may be more realistic to go from having your staff double as tutors to having a seasonal, in-office tutor. Seasonal could be just for a few weeks around the start of the school year, during the first semester, or the entire school year. If school is year-round in your area, maybe you want to upgrade the “seasonal” tutor to a year-round one. Especially if this extra service is a huge hit!

Sponsoring a Homework Corner

If tutoring, or having a tutor, isn’t up your alley, there’s still another option. What about sponsoring a homework corner? Turn one corner of your waiting room into a mini study room or library. Find out which books your local schools are using and keep a copy or two on hand. You could even add in a few classical lit novels for good measure. And maybe throw in a few Cliff’s notes while you’re at it – just in case they don’t have time to read “Anna Karenina” while they’re waiting for their appointment.

Make Your Practice a Community Hub

No matter which option you choose, it’s a great step towards establishing your practice as a community hub. Besides, how cool would it be to get some positive, free marketing as the local teens tell their parents that they’re headed to your office – to study? That’s thinking outside of the box for the win!

Do you already have a homework corner or something like it? We’d love to see it! Tag us in your social media post and we’ll share it for everyone else to see. #WiredToSmile

Photo Credit: US Dept of Education

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