Go Above and Beyond: Offering Back to School Photos

Go Above and Beyond: Offering Back to School Photos

What if there were yet another way to delight your patients, their parents, and get in some great, positive word-of-mouth marketing? Oh, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. With school back in full swing, picture day is on everyone’s minds. Here are a few ways to put back to school photos and Picture Day to work for your practice.

Take Back-to-School Photos of Your Patients

The great part about taking photos in your office is that they can be taken solo, in groups with friends, or even with their parents. The parents will love that last option! Just be sure to let them know that Picture Day is an option before they show up for the appointment. We’re sure they’ll want to look great.

Your practice doesn’t need to invest in any special equipment, either. Just use a digital camera or a phone to snap a pic. Most phones take better pictures than dedicated cameras do, anyway. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can print the picture. Most families will be just as excited about getting a digital copy via email.

Add Fun Designs or Instructions

There are lots of free or low-cost photo enhancement programs out there. It would be easy to use one of these to spiff up the photos before you email them to your patients and their families. Whether that means using the programs to turn your patients into superheroes (or villains, we don’t judge!), to photoshop the family into a tropical paradise, or to add some orthodontic-related reminders on the bottom, the choices are limitless.

If you do want to add dental instructions to the photos, make a couple of templates first. That way you can quickly add the photos to the instructions, rather than adding detailed instructions to each photo. You may even be able to pull instructions from your educational literature pretty quickly, although you may want to spruce it up so they’re as awesome as the back-to-school photos will be.

Free, Fun Photos for the Win

Your patients and their families will love the photos. They’ll appreciate you and your practice for thinking of them and providing this service, free of charge. It doesn’t require oodles of marketing money, just some planning. Your patients will know you’re there for them, and they’ll love it.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your office staff for Back to School, too! Share your photo with us. We’d love to see and share it! Be sure to leave your photo in the comments below or to tag us on social media so we can see it! #WiredToSmile

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