Going Down the ‘Tube: Using YouTube to promote your practice

Going Down the ‘Tube: Using YouTube to promote your practice

Did your parents have a video camera when you were a kid? It was probably one of those giant contraptions that weighed twenty pounds and balanced on one shoulder (so that’s why they have back pain now…). After they taped your home run at the baseball game or stunning sonata at your piano recital, you came home and stuck the tape into your VHS or Betamax.

How times have changed! These days we all have handheld video cameras on our phones ready anytime and anywhere. Videos can be uploaded instantly to YouTube for the whole world to see.

YouTube is a great way to market your practice. By posting videos on YouTube, you can help familiarize people with your office, educate current and future patients, celebrate newly straightened teeth, and more.

Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of YouTube to promote your practice:

Make your office a familiar and friendly place

Going to the orthodontist for the first time can be intimidating, especially for younger kids. You want them to know that you’re a cool and fun person and that braces aren’t scary. YouTube videos can help new patients to be ready and even excited to go to your office.

Here are a few ideas of YouTube videos to familiarize new patients with the world of orthodontia:

  • An introduction video where every member of the office says hello and explains what they do
  • Take a tour of the office
  • Have a recent teen braces grad tell kids what to expect for their whole orthodontic experience
  • Have an adult braces grad tell adults what to expect from the experience of braces for grown-ups
  • Office silliness: Dressing up for Halloween or having dogs as mock patients

Once patients and their families know a little about you and your office, they’re ready to learn more about the process of braces.

Educate current and future patients about braces

Nearly everyone knows a little about braces. Either they had them or they know people who have them. However, knowing what braces are isn’t the same thing as really understanding them. That’s where your expertise comes in handy. You can use YouTube to educate patients about orthodontia.

Some options for educational YouTube videos:

  • A step by step process of the first few appointments for a typical braces patient
  • A look at how impressions are made and then used
  • A discussion of treatment options instead of or in addition to braces
  • A timelapse video of the entire braces cycle
  • A look at life after brace and how to maintain those perfect teeth

Now that patients and their families understand the braces experience better, they’re ready for the funnest part of orthodontic world: Straight teeth!

Celebrate your graduated, perfect smile patients

It’s a lot of work, both for you and for patients, to get straight teeth. That makes it all the more exciting for patients to “graduate” from your clinic. Celebrate your patients’ happy day on YouTube (assuming they’re willing). It will be exciting for them and give newer patients something to look forward to.

Several ways to celebrate finished treatment on YouTube:

  • Happy, straight-teeth smiles
  • Before and after videos
  • Interviews with patients about their experience
  • Hold a party for braces graduates and record the celebrations

Having braces is a formative experience for many people and as an orthodontist, it’s great to make such a difference in people’s lives. YouTube videos are a great way to capture the experience, help patients learn, and promote your practice to prospective patients all at the same time.

Are you looking for more ways to market your practice? Let us help you harness technology to get new patients and give you more time to make your patients’ smiles camera ready! Click here to get in touch.

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