How the Meaning of Colors affects your Practice’s Image

How the Meaning of Colors affects your Practice’s Image

Did your practice hire a branding or image consultant before you settled on your name? While the odds are that you didn’t, there’s an increasing trend to use these branding gurus to make sure that your brand gets started off on the right foot!

One of the subtler things that your branding consultant would have covered with you is the colors of your company (or practice). Because, yes, even colors have meaning that need to be taken into consideration.

The meaning of colors is psychologically based

With minor variation across cultures, colors have come to stand for different ideas, emotions, and even themes. This impressive infographic (the very informative graphic below) covers just what, exactly, each color means – and the meaning behind each.


Colors influence brand perception

Looking closer at the infographic, we can see that:

  • Yellow is optimistic, clarity, and warmth.
  • Orange is friendly, cheerful, and confident.
  • Red is bold, excited, and young.
  • Purple is wise, creative, and imaginative.
  • Blue is trustworthy, dependable, and strong.
  • Green is peaceful, healthy, and growing.
  • White/black can signify balance, calmness, and a neutrality.

What colors do you use with your practice? Are you sending the right message with the colors you picked? What message are you sending, exactly?

The colors you use will influence how people see your brand and your practice. It’s not usually a conscious decision on their part – it’s just how people have been wired and subconsciously conditioned to interpret colors.

Make your list… and check it twice!

If your color scheme isn’t sending the right message, change it! Check out the infographic again and make a list of what messages you do want to send. Can you alter your logo, advertising campaigns, or even your office decor to convey your new message?

Before you jump on a new painting project, though, be sure to have a few trusted associates (or a branding specialist) give you some feedback. That way, you know that you’re definitely sending the right messages. Now, we know that very few people will come out and say something like:

Oh! I love the color change to black and white. It really makes me see you guys as the balanced team – just like I want my teeth to be balanced! It’s ingenious, really.

On the other hand, you may very well get comments like:

Oooh! I love the color change. It’s just somehow… right. It fits you guys.

Are you ready to take your branding and practice a step further than just colors? Let us help your practice skyrocket through incentivization. Let’s talk details.

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