Wired to be Awesome’s mission is simple:

We want to make your practice successful, recognized, and trusted. We do this by using our award-winning incentive and rewards program to engage your patients about their orthodontic care, wowing their parents, and earning the referrals your practice deserves.

Give Patients Great Reasons to Get Involved in their Care

With the Wired to be AWESOME program, your patients will change the way they see their dental and orthodontic care. They will value your service, be excited to participate in their care, and look forward to earning branded prizes and gifts that they actually want.

Start by introducing the new patient to your Wired to be AWESOME incentive program with a Welcome Kit. The kit will assist in introducing the rules of the program, get them on board and excited about the rewards, and outfit them with logo’d products that will promote your name. Then, continue to incentivize by rewarding them with tokens for the behavior you would like them to have such as good hygiene, compliance with appliances, no breakage, coming to appointments on time, referring fiends and  more. Patients can redeem tokens to choose trendy, desirable products they want. Parents will be appreciative of your ability to motivate their children, saving them time and money on lengthy orthodontic treatments and the referrals will follow.

It’s Simple! As part of the Wired to be AWESOME family, starting your incentive program is easy.

  1. Start with Branding: Choose either your practice’s name or co-brand with Wired to be AWESOME.
  2. Select from the Rules Menu. You will be provided with a list of Rules to choose from. Determine the behavior you would like to incentivize, from good oral hygiene to compliance with appliances or even coming to appointments on time. Decide what you think work best for your practice. Remember to keep it simple.
  3. Choose your New Patient Welcome Kit: Pick from an assortment of pre-selected kits. Your Welcome Kit will welcome new patients to your practice and provide the rules of the game.

Keep them Motivated: Choose additional products you think your patients will want to redeem. Shop our on-line portal for stylish age appropriate products with point valuation recommendation. Choose a few options from each point level to give your patients choices.

Advertise your Internal Program! You will receive posters outlining point redemption and prize availability to post in your office for all to see.

Any Questions? We are here to assist!

Inproma is the creator of Wired to be AWESOME incentives program.  We create programs that increase productivity and customer satisfaction since 1997.  We are a four time national award winner in incentive programs.

Help your patients enjoy their orthodontic journey with our customized incentives and rewards; they’ll return the favor by referring their family & friends.

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