Incentivizing your Orthodontist Patients?

Incentivizing your Orthodontist Patients?

Is your dog’s name “Bad Dog”?

If your dog only gets attention when he jumps up on people, then he’s always going to jump up on people. It’s not that he’s trying to be bad; it’s that he’s trying to get your attention! It’s the same with kids (and some adults), too. We tend to mimic the behaviors that get us attention.

That’s why incentivizing your orthodontist patients is so important. It’s teaching them the importance of good hygiene skills and a good set of teeth.

Recognize their achievements

“I told you I loved you when I married you! Do I have to tell you again?”

A recent TED talk found that the #1 reason for job satisfaction in adults is recognition. If adults are finding and keeping jobs based on being verbally recognized for a job well done, then why not apply that to your practice? Your patients want to know what you think about their hard work. And let’s face it: wearing braces in adolescence is a hard job!

When your patients follow through with their care plans, give them a high-five or tell them they did a great job. Everyone loves to hear that they’re doing a great job.

Reward and incentivize your orthodontist patients

Going back to the dog training metaphor, dogs learn to do some pretty awesome tricks when the action is associated with positive attention and rewards. Here’s the thing: people love getting rewarded, too.

And while you won’t be teaching your orthodontist patients how to catch a flying frisbee with their mouths, you are teaching them lifelong dental hygiene skills and life lessons. After all, braces aren’t easy or fast. That alone could tie in to so many sports analogies or lessons about hard work!

Keep things fresh

Depending on how long it takes your patients to finish their treatments, you may want to look at changing what incentives and rewards you offer them. In fact, we recommend that you regularly change out what incentives you do offer. That way, your patients can be reincentivized as they see the new rewards and any new signs about the rewards program you put up in your office.

Plus, kids’ interests change as they mature. By regularly changing your offered incentives, it’s guaranteed to keep their attention longer. That means a better outcome and happier parents – which also means more referrals for your practice.

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