Kid’s Care Week is Coming Up! How do you “Make a Difference”?

Kid’s Care Week is Coming Up! How do you “Make a Difference”?

Kid’s Care Week is coming up! Every October, kids nationwide come together to do service, educate each other, or otherwise do whatever they can to “Make a Difference!” This year, Kid’s Care Week is October 26-November 1, with October 27th being “Make a Difference” Day. So what can you, as a practice, do to support the kids in this important work?

Our Kid’s Care Week Ideas for Your Practice

Give them a list of service suggestions

Kids don’t always know right off hand what they can do to help – or where they should help. Give them a list of ideas. Let them come in and offer to tutor other patients – especially those patients who could use a little extra help before the end of the school year!

As a community influence, we’re certain that you’re going to know of a wide variety of important ways to serve others.

Help them become educational influencers

Some of the kids will invariably want to help educate others on important causes. Well, what’s more important than dental hygiene? Let some kids help you create new educational brochures, flyers, or artwork that can be proudly displayed in your offices!

Schedule a large service project

Parks always need attention. Trees always need planting. Certain areas in town always need cleaning. Why not put this week to good use and schedule some much-needed community TLC and let the kids help? Not only will they be helping for kid’s care week, but they’ll be learning some awesome community pride, too.

Keep an in-office list of suggestions – by other kids!

We’re sure that there are even more ideas out there. Why not ask the kids for some great ideas and input? Put up a list – and let the kids come up with their own ideas for you to support. What a great way to build community pride, teach initiative, and build your practice into a central community hub!

Do you have any other fantastic ideas or things you’ve done in previous years? Let’s share the ideas and really help the kids Make a Difference this year!

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