Local Marketing for Your Orthodontist Practice Starts at City Hall

Local Marketing for Your Orthodontist Practice Starts at City Hall

As school draws to a close, it’s the perfect time of year to do a quick Google search: to find your local town or city hall. You see, most businesses (and practices) forget that local marketing for your orthodontist practice starts at city hall.

If you’re lucky, your city or town will even have a website – meaning you won’t actually have to go to city hall to read the flyers, bulletins, and brochures stapled haphazardly to the “Local Announcements” board. Thankfully, most cities and forward-thinking towns have made the upgrade to the digital age, making it easier than ever to get the word out about your practice!

First of all, if your community still uses a physical announcement or bulletin board, see if you can get a flyer posted on it, too! Just remember that the board probably gets cleaned off regularly, so you’ll want to stop in periodically to post a new flyer – and to check for other great town announcements!

Then, see if your town offers a business directory. Odds are, they do! Get your practice listed there. Usually, it’s free or low cost to do so, too. Once that’s done, check to see what summer or upcoming activities are planned.

In many towns, the city hall and local businesses work together to sponsor a “get the kids outdoors and moving!” themed rewards program for the youth. See if you can find a similar program in your town, and get involved! Not only does it get the word out about your practice, it can also significantly increase foot traffic and good will, too.

Your city may also already be taking donations, sponsorships, or selling advertising for summer events: music nights in the parks, movie nights, July 4th parade booths, and more. Why not have your practice sponsor one or more such events?

Since these events are very community-driven and family oriented, you’ll be right in the midst of your target audience! You’ll get some great name recognition for your practice, and your community will realize that they’ve got a great orthodontist provider nearby.

So as you ramp up your marketing this year, be sure to check in with the local town halls. They really are a great resource when it comes to marketing your orthodontist practice.

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