Market your Orthodontist Practice at Local Fairs this Summer

Market your Orthodontist Practice at Local Fairs this Summer

As the school year draws closer to an end, summer is already on your patients’ minds. But it should also be on yours for several very important reasons. Our favorite reason has to do with the fact that summer is carnival season!

Local fairs and carnivals can be a fantastic place to market your orthodontist practice, if you know how and where to do so. We’ve got three great ways for you to get involved in your community, enjoy the summer fair season, and market your practice all at the same time.

Market your orthodontist practice by setting up a booth

Many local fairs and events allow local businesses to set up booths. While these booths usually have a fee associated with them, every business we’ve talked to has seen fantastic returns on their investment for their entrance fees.

Once your booth is set up, let your creativity kick in. You could set it up as an educational booth, giving away informational brochures, toothbrushes, or other fun branded gear. Or, if you’re up to the challenge, why not set up a dunk tank? It’d be a great way to make a ‘splash’ with your community! Plus, your patients will have an absolute ‘ball’!

Sponsor or help plan local events and fairs

If setting up a booth isn’t feasible, then we recommend you look into sponsoring the local fair. Or do both! Sponsors for these kinds of local events get to have their business information, and perhaps a short marketing blurb, on flyers, handouts, or signs at the event itself. You’ll need to talk to the event organizers to get all of the specifics on sponsoring options.

Helping to plan these events can also be a great way to get your practice more exposure. Your community will be thrilled and impressed that you’ve taken such an interest in local events. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Go to the fair and have fun!

Finally, be sure to go to local events and fairs. Go have fun! There’s no better way to show your patients and community that you’re a great orthodontist than by being involved in the community. Plus, the patients and their families will get to see a whole new side to their orthodontist team that will make you even more accessible. That’s why we recommend you take your families and go have fun!

Fair season is more than just cotton candy, rigged carnival contests, and rides. It’s also a fantastic and unexpected way to market your orthodontist practice and team.

Looking for more great marketing ideas for your orthodontist practice? Then bookmark this page and we’ll keep the ideas coming for you! In fact, take a moment now to read another article for more great ideas.

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