Market your practice using food?

Market your practice using food?

Close your eyes and picture your favorite food – the kind that makes your mouth water. Is it a thick, juicy steak cooked just right? A bowl of bright red strawberries drizzled with whipped cream? Or a warm chocolate chip cookie oozing chocolatey goodness?

Are you picturing it? You’re probably even smiling a little bit right now, aren’t you?

They say that the quickest way to someone’s heart is through his stomach. That saying can easily be expanded. One of the best ways to promote your practice is by appealing to people’s stomachs. The quickest way to get referrals is through the heart of a dentist, a patient, or a slew of future patients is through food.

Let’s market your practice to these three groups using food:

Dentists are hungry

Remember being a poor dental student? Back when you attended even the most boring lunchtime lecture because you’d get a few slices of pizza? Grown-up dentists (and their support staffs!) haven’t changed that much. Free food is a great way to get your foot in the door of local dentist offices and to help them remember you when it’s time to refer dentally-challenged patients.

Here’s several ways to feed your way into those dental offices:

  • Take the dentist out to lunch or dinner
  • Bring lunch for the entire office
  • Deliver tooth-shaped sugar cookies or a mouth cake – complete with braces
  • Drop off tasty gift boxes – not just at Christmas

Dentists are a great source of referrals, but it’s also important to think about promoting your practice to your entire (hungry) community.

Feed the entire community

The best way to get your name out there is to be out there. If people come to associate you with food, that’s a great way to keep your office in their mind when it’s time for Little Johnnie or Big Jackie to head to the orthodontist.

Some food-related ideas to market to the community:

  • Sponsor concession stands at a local soccer tournament or gymnastics meet – even better, man the snack stand yourself
  • Publish braces-friendly recipes in a local newspaper
  • Hold a candy buy-back event after Halloween

As important as it is to please future patients, it’s just as – or even more – important to keep your current patients fed and happy.

Appeal to your current patients’ stomachs

Going to the orthodontist isn’t usually anyone’s #1 requested day trip. . Food and food-related activities are a great way to make sure your patients and their families associate your office with happy thoughts. It’s much more fun to adjust the braces on a smiling mouth, and cheerful mouths are more likely to refer their friends to you.

Several fun food ideas for patients:

  • Fill a huge jar with M&Ms or a similar treat and have patients guess how much candy is in the jar
  • Hand out coupons to a local frozen yogurt shop when patients get braces and/or have adjustments
  • Give patients a goody bag filled with formerly forbidden foods on braces graduation day
  • Hold a recipe contest for the best braces-friendly treats
  • Bring in an ice cream truck

Food really is a great way to anyone’s stomach – and smile. So be sure to make use of it in your marketing strategy

Do you want more ways to market your practice? Let us help feed new patients to your clinic so you can focus on giving those patients nice straight teeth for chewing taffy, popcorn, and gum! Just click here to contact us now.

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