Marketing your Orthodontist Practice takes Constant, Consistent Work (just like gardening)

Marketing your Orthodontist Practice takes Constant, Consistent Work (just like gardening)

If you’ve got a green thumb, then you know how much hard work it is to grow a garden. If you plant a few tomato plants, you can’t just wait 60 or so days to come back and harvest a bumper crop. There’s a lot of work to do between planting and eating those juicy red tomatoes!

Marketing your orthodontist practice is a lot like gardening – it takes a lot of constant, consistent work.

Marketing and gardening both require a significant up front investment

If you’ve ever planted a garden or started a marketing campaign, then you know what a great analogy this is. Both gardening and marketing take a good amount of planning before you ever start planting seeds or reaping names from your lead generating campaign.

With gardening, you have to know which plants need full sun, which can’t be planted by others, and how much water they need to grow well. With marketing, you need to know who your target market is, where you can reach them, and have some creative ideas that will leave a lasting impact on them.

Both also require regular evaluation (or weeding)

Regularly evaluating a garden means weeding it – otherwise, your garden will be overrun completely! It also means pruning and guiding those plants – otherwise your nice row of tomato plants will turn into a tomato jungle.

Marketing your orthodontist practice is also going to take regular evaluation – to make sure that it’s effective, efficient, and consistent with your practice’s image.

But come harvest time, gardening (and lead generation) are 100% worth it!

Home grown veggies are so much more delicious than their grocery store cousins. And when it comes to marketing, when those new leads you’ve found, gently nurtured, and finally turn into paying clients, there’s no better feeling than knowing that they’ve made a great decision in trusting their orthodontic care in your capable hands.

So this summer as you (or any of your team from the office) plant and care for a home garden, remember that it’s a great way to take an at-home crash course in marketing for your orthodontist practice. Maybe you could even bring a few plants in to the office as a subtle team reminder… that or just to decorate and enjoy some yummy food come harvest time.

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