National Field Trip Month: celebrate with a field trip!

National Field Trip Month: celebrate with a field trip!

Thanks to the simple fact that each month has several different celebrations, there’s a TON of great ideas to pull from each and every month! Not only is October Health Literacy Month, it’s also National Field Trip Month. Here are a few great ways to get into the field trip spirit this month!

3 ways to celebrate National Field Trip Month:

Host a Field Trip for your Patients

If you’re lucky enough to have a great local museum or there’s a family-friendly movie playing, why not sponsor a practice-wide field trip to that location? Not only will your patients love it, but their families will love that you’re thinking of them beyond just their teeth. Plus, you’ll probably get some extra bonus points (at least with their parents) if it’s educational in nature.

Sponsor an in-school Field Trip

Sometimes, taking an actual field trip simply doesn’t make sense for a particular school – or grade. In those cases, it may be more realistic to host an in-school outing – in the school multi-purpose room or gymnasium. In those instances, your practice could put on a skit, bring out some of the fun (or scary!) looking dental equipment or tools, and otherwise educate and entertain the students for a short time. They’ll love being out of class, the community will love the outreach, and everyone will love getting to see your practice in action.

Block Out a Field Trip – to Your Practice!

If you’ve got the time and ability, another great idea is to sponsor a field trip – to your practice’s office! Not only is it a great way to help kids over their classic (though unfounded!) fear of dental-related professionals, it’s also a great way to get your name seen by both students, teachers, and administrators.

Plus, how cool is it to go behind-the-scenes at a clinic or practice? Most students and kids don’t ever get to see the equipment or learn about the procedures that go on in any sort of a dental or orthodontic office, let alone get to better understand the staff who works there! This kind of activity would help accomplish all of these things!

Will your office be celebrating with any field trips? Let us know – we’d love to see how it turns out!

Want more great ideas or tips? Be sure to stay tuned for more details!

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