Put a Smile on their Face: 4 Steps to Keeping Patients Excited (and Parents, too!)

Put a Smile on their Face: 4 Steps to Keeping Patients Excited (and Parents, too!)

Working with kids comes with a wide range of emotions. There’s nothing better, though, than that feeling of satisfaction when you see your patient truly smile, sometimes for the first time.

In order to get to that smile, though, there’s a lot of time, commitment, and baby steps along the way. Keeping patients excited (and their parents) and compliant can be a chore, but it’s worth it in the end.

Here’s 4 Ways for Keeping Patients Excited:

  1. Teach your patients only small bits of information at a time. You don’t want to overload the kids – or their parents. When you’re done teaching them, give them the written instructions, but make it fun. Why not print it on a frisbee? (hey, if it won’t fit on a frisbee, it may be too much information at once anyway!)
  2. Let your patients, or their parents, set the learning curve. Having a token-based incentive program, where the kids can choose from a variety of easily visible and highly coveted prizes, may be the best way to go.
  3. Recruit Mom and Dad to help supervise and encourage their kids at home. They may not want the frisbee, but they’ll be excited to know that family compliance means a shorter orthodontic treatment time table – and a lower bill!
  4. People love to know when they’ve done a good job: how do you let your patients and their parents know when they’re on the right track?

We know you’re working hard to make that smile more visible, to make that child more confident, and to encourage life-long dental hygiene. It’s a hard job. Thanks for doing it. We’d love to see how you’re keeping your patients and families motivated. Share your rewards systems, prizes, and the smiles you’re helping to make. Post your photos with the hashtags #SmileMore and #WTBA so we can see them. We’d love to share, promote, or use your inspiring story in an upcoming article.

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