Recognizing and Rewarding Teamwork

Recognizing and Rewarding Teamwork

Watching little kids play soccer can be downright hilarious. When they first start out playing, they all swarm the ball and accidentally kick each other. As they learn, though, they realize just how important teamwork is – and how it works.

Rewarding teamwork isn’t just limited to the soccer field, though. Kids need to learn how it works in all sorts of settings – even at the orthodontist. Hey – it takes a team to make it through those braces, right?

Make rewarding teamwork fun

Using an incentive or gaming program is a great way to reward the patient. After all, it’s only hugely important that they stay motivated and compliant, right? Letting them set the rewards can go a long way, too. That way, they’re working towards things they want to earn.

Then, let them know who they can count on as their teammates. Who do they have? Well, we sure hope that their folks are on their team!

Keep some “Parent Prizes” on hand

Nobody likes nagging. Parents especially hate nagging their kids to brush and floss their teeth every day. Reminding them to change out rubber bands or to wear the infamous headgear isn’t any more fun. Why not find a way to keep your patient’s parents motivated, too?

Okay, so you’ll have to set the limits on what parent prizes you offer. Because while many parents would love an open bar, that may create a hassle with other parents (and your local liquor licensing board). Instead, let them earn some small prizes (because you can never have enough pens!) or let them earn points towards some sort of ‘team’ prize – maybe a pizza night or a surprise discount.

Add some “Cheer Squad Coins” to the prize machine

Finally, don’t forget about rewarding teamwork with the rest of the cheer squad. Maybe that means siblings. Maybe it means your patient’s best friend – who also happens to be a patient!

Give them kudos for supporting each other, cheering each other on, and making braces fun by spending time together. Maybe it means an extra coin at the prize machine on a surprise basis. Or maybe it means extra points towards inviting another friend to your practices’ annual movie night.

Or maybe it just means some stickers. The point is: rewarding teamwork can make the process that much more fun. So why not help them enjoy their orthodontics that much more?

Who are your patient’s teammates? What rewards system do you have in place for them? We’d love to hear what you do – leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. Hey – we just want to brag about you, that’s all!

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