Support Your Schools and Families with a Back to School Extravaganza

Support Your Schools and Families with a Back to School Extravaganza

Schools and stores have a back to school extravaganza every year; why not you, too? Supporting patients, and their families, as they go back to school, is a great way to continue to earn their trust and support. Here are a few easy ways to show your community that you support them as they’re headed into a new school year.

Support Your Community with a School Supply Drive for Families

There are always families who could use extra support or school supplies at the beginning of a school year. Why not encourage your families and employees to donate, too? You could set up a donation bin right inside of your office.
If you want to go the extra mile, you could even set up a school supply swap box. Patient families will love being able to swap extra supplies for other basics that they need.

Support Your Schools with Donated School Supplies

It’s not just families that can use some extra help with school supply donations. Every year, teachers spend money, out of their own paychecks, to properly stock their classrooms. If sponsoring a family (or several families) doesn’t resonate with your practice, what about sponsoring a drive to support a whole classroom? Not only will the class appreciate the donations, but so will the teachers!

The great part about this idea is that it can be done year-round. So if you really want to support your schools, you could set up a donation bin for families at the start of the year and support a whole classroom throughout the year. That’s some serious community caring.

Show Your Patients You Care with a Back-to-School Party

Why not show your patient appreciation and host a back-to-school party all in one? Your patients are probably nervous about the upcoming year. Some of them may even be nervous about showing their smile at school. Throwing a back to school party can be a perfect way to get them through both tough situations. Back to school parties could be hosted at your practice or at a local school in a multipurpose room or a gymnasium.

Is Your Practice Ready to Go Back to School?

Your patients probably aren’t ready – even if school has already started in your area! We’re sure your patients would love to know that they’re being supported by donations, a party, or both. No matter what your practice chooses, we’d love to see the results. Comment below or tag us on social media with a photo. We’ll share the best ones for everyone else to see! #ShowMeTheSmile

Photo Credit: US Dept of Education

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