Supporting Your Patients (and parents!) as They Go Back to School

Supporting Your Patients (and parents!) as They Go Back to School

It’s back to school season, and going back to school is more than just about adjusting your life to being in school and homework mode. It’s a complete schedule shift for families, so it’s an easy time to lose track of important things like orthodontist appointments. But don’t worry: there are some easy ways to make sure that families can make the transition more smoothly while making sure that you’re able to keep their focus on compliance!

Offer Flexible Scheduling or Appointment Swaps

What if your office offered extra flexible scheduling during the back to school transition? Think about how much easier extended hours or wider appointment time ranges could make life easier for families.

If these aren’t realistic options for your practice, then what about setting up a Back to School Buddy Scheduling System? Let kids (or their parents) set appointments that line up with their friends. That way, they can encourage each other to remember their appointments.

Offer School-Based Incentives to Keep Good Habits Going Strong

Another option to capture families’ attention during this transitional time is to offer extra incentives. Offering school related incentives, like composition books or folders, is a great way to help support kids and their parents prepare for school while supporting their healthy dental habits. The kids will love it if you’ve got several different designs to choose from, too!

Offer Extra Reminders

Many families may love having extra reminders during the first month or two of school. Those extra reminders can come in the form of:

  • Business card sized magnets with educational reminders (great for hanging in a locker!).
  • Text message or social media reminders for appointments.
  • Giving out extra supplies to take to school to encourage compliance.
  • If you’re giving out folders, you can put educational flyers inside the sleeves! Bonus!

Be There Through the Changes

Your patients are gearing up for a new year full of school, sports, and extracurricular activities. Their parents are preparing themselves to be tutors, chauffeurs, coaches, and cheerleaders in addition to their regular role as mom or dad. They will be grateful to have the reminders, encouragement, and information that they need to keep on top of their orthodontic and dental care.

Comment below, or tag us on Facebook, with what your office is doing to help your patients (and parents) get ready to go back to school. We’d love to see photos of your ideas!

photo credit: US Dept of Education

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